Wednesday, September 21, 2005

At The Public Trough

Glenn Reynolds of InstaPundit must have been exactly the kind of guy Al Gore was thinking of when he invented the Internet. The latest on PorkBusters.

I will note than Don Young,mentioned in Glenn's post, is a Republican. With Members like this, I am so glad that the G.O.P. took back the House in 1994! Imagine where we would be without the type of fiscal restraint practiced by Chairman Young.

It seems to me that the only way something like PorkBusters is going to work is if Americans outside of individual districts get involved nationally. Rep. Young doesn't want to reconsider a boondoggle bridge? Fine, then I'll cancel my trip salmon fishing to Alaska and let my guide know why, along with Alaska Airways and the Anchorage Hilton. Sure it is trivial and insignificant in the big picture, but if enough people starting putting economic pressure to put an end to this sort of crap then there is an outside chance something might change. Otherwise, what disincentive does a voter in Alaska have to make Young change his porcine mind?

By the way, Young is an "at large" Member, which means he represents the entire state. His number in Washington is (202) 225-5765. You can email your thoughts on his bill here.


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