Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Black Tuesday At The Gray Lady

Via Editor and Publisher

The New York Times Co. announced a staggering staff reduction plan Tuesday that will likely mean some 500 job losses at the company's many properties, including an expected 45 newsroom positions at The New York Times newspaper and 35 at The Boston Globe.

There is no chance one of these 45 will be Paul Krugman, will it? But wait, with the infusion of cash anticipated from Times Select, you'd think they would be rolling in the dough. I am sure if management took a 25% pay cut, along with all of the columnists, then no one would have to lose their job. But wait, it is much easier, not to say remunerative, to sack the "little people" and blame Bush.

In a memo to staffers, company chairman Arthur O. Sulzberger, Jr. and CEO Janet Robinson wrote: "We regret that we will see many of our colleagues leave the Company; it is a painful process for all of us. We have been tested many times in our 154-year history as we are being tested now."

Arthur Sulzberger Jr. is fast becoming the Joseph Hazelwood of the newspaper business. He is "running" a newspaper in which circulation is dropping, the ombudsman is openly complaining about one of its op-ed columnists (Krugman strikes again), alternative media is exploding, while the Times is trying to charge for something that is overpriced when it is free.

They promised this would not impact the quality of the paper's journalism.

Oh, THANK GOD! The whole of America was really worried about this.


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