Friday, September 09, 2005

Fire Mike Brown

This would be reason enough to fire the Director of FEMA notwithstanding his poor performance in handling the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Charles Krauthammer hits the nail right on the head in his column about Katrina:

[Blame] The head of FEMA. Late, slow and in way over his head. On Thursday, Sept. 2, he said on national television that he didn't even know there were people in the convention center, when anybody watching television could see them there, destitute and desperate. Maybe in his vast bureaucracy he can assign three 20-year-olds to watch cable news and give him updates every hour on what in hell is going on.

Prediction: When Bush does fire Brown, or accept, "with regret", his resignation, how many of the "Blame Bush" crowd will accuse Bush of cynically making Brown fall on his sword to protect the President? My guess is all of them.


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