Sunday, September 11, 2005

Four Years

The Washington Post has an article in today's paper about how the anniversary of the September 11th attacks may, in time, fade in our collective memory and become a "holiday" like Memorial Day. I think that won't happen.

The unfortunate reason is that the war against terrorism has no end in sight. Every previous war America has fought, even in Vietnam, has had an end of victory, armistice, or withdrawal. In the current conflict, victory, if it is even possible in the true sense of the word, will take a generation at best. The other two outcomes, armistice or withdrawal, are simply incompatible with a desire to remain a free people.

It was four years ago today that America was jarred out of its post-Cold War reverie. It took our country less time, from 1941 to 1945, to defeat the Axis powers in a global war. Our current conflict will not resolve itself quickly or as definitively. The war on terror resembles the struggles against Communism in the decades following the Second World War, with the notable exception that the Soviet Union was a monolithic power that could be deterred from attacking America. This is not the case in our fight against the murderous fanatics that have targeted innocent civilians in New York, Washington, Bali, Madrid, and London. The list could go on. The sad fact is that the only way the memory of 9/11 will fade is that if it is replaced by an attack of greater barbarity and evil and therein lies our remembrance and, equally important, the lesson, of this anniversary.

UPDATE: This via ABC:

Sept. 11, 2005 — In an apparent Sept. 11 communiqué broadcast on ABC News, an al Qaeda operative threatens new attacks against cities in the US and Australia.
"Yesterday, London and Madrid. Tomorrow, Los Angeles and Melbourne, God willing. At this time, don't count on us demonstrating restraint or compassion," the tape warns. "We are Muslims. We love peace, but peace on our terms, peace as laid down by Islam, not the so-called peace of occupiers and dictators."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are simply propagating the propaganda.
Stop it.
There is no purpose to posting this. Anyone who is reading your blog will have seen this by now, so give it a break.

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Blogger GT said...

Propagating propaganda... awesome alliteration, asshole.

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