Thursday, September 29, 2005

International "Freedom" Center Nixed

In a story first reported by NY1, Governor George Pataki has cancelled plans to build the controversial International Freedom Center at the World Trade Center site - and representatives of the center say the location change has forced the entire project to be scrapped.

The center had drawn criticism from some 9/11 victims' family members because it would not focus exclusively on the terror attacks. Family members also said the IFC could potentially contain exhibits that were anti-American. Pataki said Wednesday that he's given the center a chance to clarify its intentions, but there's just too much opposition. In a statement, Pataki said: “The creation of an institution that would show the world our unity and our resolve to preserve freedom in the wake of the horrific attacks is a noble pursuit. But freedom should unify us. This center has not.” The governor asked the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation to work with the IFC to explore other locations for the center, but representatives of the center have decided to scrap the idea completely.

Good. And, according to the Maureen Dowd theory of grieving mother/media whore/compensated speaker Cindy Sheehan, anyone who lost a loved one at the World Trade Center speaks with "absolute moral authority", right?

Family members from support groups gathered Monday at the site to launch a campaign to "take back the memorial" weeks after a model for the first cultural building was unveiled.

"If the memorial fails to convey how we as Americans value the loss of life, if it fails to tell the story to those who visit 100 years from now, then we as a nation have failed," said Mary Fetchet, founder of Voices of September 11th, whose son, Brad, 24, died in the twin towers.

The site of the 9/11 attacks is not the forum to discuss anything other than the barbarity of the attacks, the heroism of those who died in trying to save others, and the resilience of a great nation. Imagine the outrage had interest groups insisted on a display of the "root causes" for the actions of Timothy McVeigh. Christ, even Hillary triangulated against the I.F.C.


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