Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Questions Roberts Won't Get From The Democrats

Sen. Kennedy: "Judge Roberts, let's say a young man from a well-known family is involved in an accident. This young man has a very bright future in, public service, let's say, and someone is hurt in this accident. I'm sorry? Well, killed, actually. And it takes this person a while to report it to the police. How long? Well, let me put it this way, it makes the 18 1/2 minute gap in the Nixon tape seem really short. Anyhow, if this person is really sorry for what happened, I mean, the damage to his career could be tremendous and this person was from a prominent family, but if this person feels badly over what happened, would a suspended sentence be acceptable in such a case?"

Sen. Biden: "Along those same lines, Judge Roberts, let me ask this: Another young man gets a very important job, let's say for the sake of argument 29 years old and Senator, respectively, and some day wants a sort of promotion. In the course of trying to get this promotion, he, well, he sort of borrows from a speech made by someone else in his line of work. It is entirely innocent, mind you. He hasn't broken any laws, has he?

Sen. Durbin: "Thank you for your patience in answering these questions, Justice Roberts. If I might, I would like to play a little word game. I am going to give you the names of four things, and you tell me which one doesn't belong. Pol Pot, a Soviet Gulag, Guantanamo, and Nazis. No, I'm sorry Judge, that was a trick question. They all belong together. I yield back my time."

Sen Schumer: "I'd like to ask a question about me, if I could. About what I think and about what I plan to do. Now if I, Senator Charles Schumer, wanted to do something I really wanted to do, could I? I want to say that Hurricane Katrina was invented by Karl Rove to kill black people. I am protected by the First Amendment, aren't I? I really want to know how this might affect me, personally. And since you are under oath, you have to admit that I am a handsome man. I mean, look at me! I thought you would agree with me, after all, I am right! But really, enough about me, we are here to ask you questions. Mine is this: what do you think of me? And if I might ask, could the camera remain on me while Judge Roberts answers the question?"


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