Saturday, September 10, 2005


Via the Boston Globe:

BOSTON --Two gay activists are promising to post on the Internet the names and addresses of anyone who signs a petition that could lead to a statewide ban on gay marriage.

The move by Thomas Lang and Alexander Westerhoff, one of the first gay couples married in the state, came after state Attorney General Thomas Reilly on Wednesday certified a ballot question that bans gay marriage and civil unions.

Now, the question's supporters must collect 65,825 signatures from registered voters, and approval from 25 percent of state lawmakers to get the question on the 2008 ballot.

Lang, 42, said the name, street address, hometown and ZIP code of everyone who signs the petition will be posted on the Web site

"Everyone's scrambling to know who in their town would sign this," Lang told the Boston Herald. "And this Web site will give gay people the tools to know, to defend themselves and their families, to let them go neighbor-to-neighbor and say, 'I don't appreciate your signing this.'"

"I'm going to be aggressive personally," he said. "I want to know that the people I do business with are not against (gay marriage). This is going to be won by economics."

Let's imagine this done in similar circumstances but with a different issue. Remember the outrage (and rightfully, I might add) when those opposed to abortion listed the home addresses of doctors who performed them?

This is clearly a tactic of intimidation, not dissimilar, if not as violent, as the efforts in the South in the 1960's to keep blacks from exercising their right to vote. Why does this idiot, Lang, think that it is his right to express his political opinions but that such a right does not extend to those with whom he disagrees?


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