Sunday, September 11, 2005

What Color Is The Sky In Mayor Nagin's World?

Tim Russert, for my money the most fair-minded and tough interviewer on television, shows why Mayor Nagin of New Orleans still just doesn't get it.

Nagin is a little more generous to President Bush than he was in earlier rants but lays into Governor Blanco for the state response, all the while still (deftly) refusing to take any personal responsibility for the failures and shortcomings of the preparation for the hurricane and the immediate response afterwards.

Particularly galling is his assertion that he will lead the effort to re-build and that only New Orleanians will have any say in the manner in which it is rebuilt. This is a statement of almost unbelievable hubris and ignorance. If the Federal government is going to pour an estimated $100 billion into rebuilding the areas impacted by Hurricane Katrina, local officials are going to have to take a backseat to the professional grandstanders, members of Congress. Secondly, if the taxpayers are going to subsidize this effort, Mr Mayor, then you bet your ass we are going to have something to say about how the city is rebuilt. If you choose to do it unilaterally you better call Bob Vila.

My God, we all know by now that Mike Brown was unqualified to be the head of FEMA, how the hell did Mayor Nagin get elected in New Orleans?


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