Friday, October 07, 2005

Harriet Miers Is Toast, Cont'd

Charles Krauthammer makes valid points in his op-ed.

Bush has had, up until recently, a pretty good ear for the politics of his supporters. Not now. As a lawyer friend of mine said tonight: It is like Bush rolled out of bed, showered up, and headed off to the press conference naming Miers. If anyone had known what he was going to do, they wouldn't have let him near the podium.

In withdrawn nominations there is a certain set of events that seem to recur: a lack of support that turns into opposition, the nominee getting initial support from the President, the old "I have confidence" speech, and then the opposition begins to metastasize into hostility. Soon thereafter is the "with regret" speech of a withdrawn nomination.

As I have written before, Roe always gets the press but what many are concerned with, myself included, is Kelo. There is never going to be a better time to debate the merits or perils of activist judges and, if anything, such a debate may help Bush and his current low approval numbers. Less than a year ago, the President talked about his willingness to expend political capital; it is time to get out the wallet.


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