Monday, October 31, 2005

It's Alito, I'm Elated

President Bush's selection of Samuel Alito for the Court is the choice he should have made the first time. Yes, the predictable howls of protest are already coming from the perpetually aggrieved Chuck Schumer and the liberal interest groups, which is a good thing.

Supreme Court nominations are one of a very small number of things that last long after a particular presidency is over, so these choices are important. (Just ask W's father about that.) Therefore, the "L" word, and in Washington it is legacy and not love, gets used when discussing whom to pick for the Court. But there is another way to create a legacy, and I hope Bush seizes this opportunity as well. Have a national debate, in the context of this nomination, over the role of the judiciary in American life.

If Chuck Schumer, Barbara Boxer, and Harry Reid have a strong belief regarding the power a judge should have in interpreting or "discovering" laws, let's hear it. Shouting "Roe!" doesn't count. Condemning Bush's choice with "outside of the mainstream" and "radical" will not suffice either. In the confirmation hearings, through press conferences, via the Internet, they should explain and expound on the legal philosophy that makes Ginsburg a fantastic justice but Scalia evil incarnate. In other words, make a case for why not only Alito but others with his judicial philosophy should be precluded from the federal bench.

Let the surporters of Alito make their case. And let the American people decide whom they prefer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's so funny to me how Alito is the polar opposite of Miers. She had zero judicial experience, he has loads. She knew virtually nothing of constitutional law, he's another walking encyclopeadia (like Roberts). She was meek, he is strong. She had no track record, he has a substantial record. She had breasts, he has balls.

It's funny because everyone on the right is now so in love with Bush again, that they've forgotten about Miers. How could one man put forth two completely different candidates within the span of a month? Is Bush bipolar? Was he drunk when he nominated Miers? Was Karl Rove too distracted to notice?

Or, was Miers just a set-up for Alito? It seems that way. The way the righties have nuzzled up to Bush again, so soon after Miers. Do you all have Alzheimers, like Reagan, or do you just enjoy forgetting past mistakes? Gosh you guys make good TV.

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