Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Judith Miller Is On Her Way Out

From the Wall Street Journal:

New York Times reporter Judith Miller has begun discussing her future employment options with the newspaper, including the possibility of a severance package, a lawyer familiar with the matter, said yesterday.

The discussion about her future comes several days after the public rupture of the relationship between the Times and Ms. Miller, a 28-year veteran of the paper. Both the editor and the publisher of the Times have expressed regret for their unequivocal support for Ms. Miller when she spent 85 days in jail for refusing to testify before a federal grand jury investigating the unmasking of a Central Intelligence Agency operative.

Apparently the Times has had quite enough of Saint Judy, First Amendment Martyr. The indictments to be issued this week will only be the next chapter in what will continue to be an unfolding story; there is still more to this than meets the eye.

Clearly if White House staffers are named, and the speculation is that is a virtual certainty, then they will have to resign and face prosecution. (Note to the Left: They are innocent until proven guilty.) But in the same way it came to light that many unsavory characters were involved in the various investigations of the Clintons (about which more in a future post) I have a feeling the same will be true here.

Expect this to be elevated to a "gate", Plame-Gate, by the end of the week.


Blogger Christopher King said...

This is a rough case because you want so badly to engage in “spot-zoning” of sorts, or law-for-a-particular-case to divest Ms. Miller of the First Amendment Super-Man Cape, because something about her just doesn’t smell right, but let that be no excuse to set aside the paradigm: Reporters (and the derivative public) deserve the Right of Absolute Privilege except involving (1) National Security or (2) the presence of demonstrated Bad Faith on the part of the reporter that threatens the integrity of the paper itself. Whether or not we have the latter in this case remains to be seen.


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