Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Why Times Select Is Doomed.

Just read Maureen Dowd's newest column; she has substituted Sex In The City references with Desperate Housewives references. She's like Aristotle, Locke and Hobbes all rolled into one!

Of course I didn't pay for the privilege of reading this meringue of political wisdom, sweet but unfulfilling; I merely Googled the blogs to find it. Google and Technorati have become the Napster of opinion columns. Didn't the Times see this coming? Could they have missed the fact that the Internet can disseminate information far easier than it can repress it? (Unless one is in China and greedy companies help to suppress free speech, of course.)

Sony's CD anti-pirating technology came to grief through a 99 cent Marks-A-Lot; subverting the wall of Times Select was even cheaper than that.

Money quote from a Dowd/Paul Krugman/Frank Rich column site:

Agree totally with your complaint about the NY Times . . . and isn't it interesting that the most liberal columnists are the ones you now have to pay to read? Unlike you, however, I don't feel a bit guilty reading them for free!

Good luck to ya, Pinch.


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