Thursday, November 03, 2005

Aaron Brown Gesphincto At CNN

I always considered Brown a cross between Frank Burns and a rodent. But Jonathan Klein opines: (With commentary goodness non-italicized)

We have made some programming decisions which will impact our prime time schedule as well as our colleague Aaron Brown. Aaron will be leaving CNN and is very much looking forward to some well-deserved time off with his family. (In much the same way Jack Torrance was...) Aaron has made enormous contributions to CNN since his groundbreaking anchoring of Sept. 11th through the war in Iraq to the Tsunami to the recent hurricanes. (And other various Bush-bashing in which we have engaged.)

Outside of the big stories, on a nightly basis, Aaron has provided our audiences with insight into the events of the United States and the world with eloquence and the highest journalist integrity. (Along the same lines as Dan Rather.) Besides his stellar work as an anchor, Aaron stands as an absolutely brilliant writer, evident by the thoughtful perspective he injects into every story he touches. (Think non-WASP Brian Williams.) Personally, I will miss Aaron and his wicked sense of humor. We cannot thank Aaron enough for the skills and professionalism he brought to CNN. Given his respect throughout the industry, there is no question that he will be missed. (But not enough to keep me from firing his ass.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're writing is pretty sharp and biting. I likes. But you haven't written in quite a while. Maybe you would want to team up with a couple of other like-minded writers and write for our blog? (I came across yours when I googled "invective." Did you know there are like 7 blogs that use that word in the title? Great minds think alike, I guess.) If you're interested, write to me.
I hope you keep writing. You've got a great voice. -- Timothy

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