Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The "C" Word

The MSM, prodded by a torrent of talking points from liberal interest groups, has seemingly come to the conclusion that Justice Alito's real name is The Conservative Alito, and not Samuel. Why am I not surprised?

Can his views be considered conservative? Yes. Those in favor of his nomination should not shy away from that appellation. But note, if you will, the number of time groups like the Alliance For Justice, People For The American Way, the ACLU, are described with the term liberal. Why would the decline to be so labeled? These groups are exceeding liberal but still have the temerity to proclaim, at least publicly, that they are only desirous of a Justice "in the mainstream", a mainstream defined, of course, in their own terms.

In politics it is always easier to attack rather than defend which is why these liberal interest groups will spend millions of dollars villifying Judge Alito. But will any ads be run stating what they really want in a Justice?


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